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Q. How many students in a team?

A. Each team will consist of 3 students

Q. Because the Categories are mixed year levels, what should we do in terms of teams?

A. The choice is entirely up to the school, teachers & students in terms of how they mix their teams. You can have each team consisting one of the year levels each, or (I often recommend) have a mixture of grades in each team. Keeping in mind the words will be a mixture of each year level.

Q. What happens if a Student is sick on the day?

A. We do encourage schools to have reserve students, but realise it may not be possible or feasible. If a student is sick or does not arrive on the day, the remaining students can compete but must understand they could be at a disadvantage. Students missing a teammate on the day will not be disqualified.

Q. When will we know our heat times?

A. As soon as all registration forms are completed and submitted (by end of Term 3), we will be able to finalise the heat times. Confirmation of times to be sent before Term 4 commencement.

Q. How many competing teams per heat?

A. The number of teams competing in a heat will depend on the number registered. Due to space we prefer to have up to 6 teams competing in a single heat, with a maximum of 7 teams in certain circumstances.

Q. How many teams can my school enter?

A. The competition is divided into four categories –

Category 1 Yr. 3&4
Category 2 Yr. 5&6
Category 3 Yr. 7&8
Category 4 Yr. 9&10.

Schools can enter a maximum of two teams in each of those categories.

Q. Where do we send completed forms?

A. Completed forms can be emailed to dcrabtree@green-group.net;
Posted or Handed in to – ATT: Daisy Murray, Centre Management, Station Square Shopping Centre, 142 Lennox St, Maryborough QLD 4650

Q. What will the day look like for competing students?

A. Students are asked to arrive 10 minutes prior to their designated heat times. This will allow us time to sign everyone in & to receive nametags.
The MC (a representative from Hit101.9fm) will call all students to take their seats at their assigned tables at, which time they will give a verbal run down of the event.
On each table, teams will see they are provided with a small whiteboard & pen, as well as working paper and pens.
Each team is to write their final word only on this whiteboard for marking, and then turn the board over so their word cannot be seen until the time is up.
It is extremely important the writing on the whiteboard is large and clear for marking.

Q. What if a team feels like the marker got it wrong, and their word is correct/incorrect?

A. We ask teams/students not to erase their work and immediately put their hand up

Q. What if a team misunderstands or feels they did not hear the word, or the mark correctly?

A. In any situation, the teams or students feel they have not heard or understood the MC or marker we ask them to put their hand up immediately. We encourage and support questions and confirmation by the competing teams. Whilst we do our best to ensure the sound system is at an appropriate level & the words are said correctly, we want to ensure students feel they can confirm and question things at any time.

Q. What about Cheating? Is the event fair to all?

A. Unfortunately, we have had past experiences with cheating. We have always liked to have parents, guardians, teachers and support near students, but in more recent times this has given opportunity for visible cues/ mouthing words from adults.
We wish to take a no nonsense approach to this, if anyone is found to be indicating to students via visual cues, mouthing or any form of communication towards the students, the entire team will be immediately disqualified. Further to this we are endeavouring to position desks & set up the event in such a way to reduce any risk.

Q. What are the prizes?

A. Each participating student will receive a goody bag with various goods & vouchers inside.
Winning Students will receive up to $400 in Station Square Shopping Centre vouchers & Winning schools up to $500 in Station Square Shopping Centre Vouchers.